The introduction of the foldable beach chair


The triangular cross bracket of the folding chair has good stability, fold and receive can be done one step, convenient to carry and the horizontal tilt sitting posture is comfortable. The net weight of 2.1kg can bear 120kg, the capacity of bear is strong, it’s exactly right to take it to go leisure and outdoor. The characteristics of an outdoor folding chair are comfortable and recreational, can be placed outdoors, good anti-corrosion, stable performance, and beautiful function in a suit. The details of the back of the moon chair are more scientific. The thickened tube groove double package and the handle design are convenient for the installation of the chair, which can achieve no effort. Even girls with very small strength can install it quickly. And the chair support structure design and the selection is fastidious, bridge bracket structure adopted mechanics of i-section buffer type bridge link structure is the most commonly used left, material adopts high strength engineering material, has excellent heat resistance, the architecture of the whole stability and impact resistance effect, while internal expansion of Oxford rope is adopted to strengthen the design and durability greatly ascend, It can also be folded easily.