The description and texture of the beach chair


A beach chair is a kind of chair in a leisure chair. Beach chair can be divided into a recreational beach chair, outdoor beach chair, folding beach chair, it has the material such as coriaceous, stainless steel, plastic material, it is outdoor leisure and indoor rest comfortable chair. A beach chair can also be called a folding chair, or leisure chair, its main feature is to be able to fold and carry conveniently, so the beach chair has become one of the essential equipment for travelers. The beach chair was mainly composed of thickened steel pipe and Oxford cloth, the surface of the steel pipe surface spray holder with anti-rust and beautiful, and the important part of the force is processed by the process mechanics, so the bearing capacity of the chair is greatly enhanced. The specification of Oxford cloth is 600D or 800D, most of the beach chair with a double fabric structure, because it can improve the service life and comfort of the seat surface. The folding link part is linked with galvanized rivets and original plastic parts. According to the characteristics of different products, we can add the design of leaky cup net, storage bag, foot frame, sun visor ect. Folding chair service life is no less than a traditional chair, and carry more convenient, it is often used in outdoors or home leisure.